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Why Buy the Night & Day Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed

Want an easy way for 2 more guests to sleep comfortably in your space?

Like with any of the cabinet beds we offer, space-saving is the name of the game. The Cherry Clover does just that. When the bed is all closed the cabinet will only take up 10 square feet of room. This will allow you to utilize your room for other purposes. Just think about what you can do to your guest room with a cabinet bed instead of a regular, old bed. You can turn it into an office, a workout area, or a studio. The possibilities are endless!

Converting the Cabinet into a Bed

Night & Day Cabinet Beds are known for how quickly and easily they transform from a cabinet into a bed. The process can take anywhere from 20-45 seconds. You will get quicker as you learn the steps and get used to opening and closing the bed. Below are the six steps:

  1. Pull the drawer out from underneath the cabinet bed. You will want to make sure you pull the drawers far enough away from the bed to not interfere with the upcoming steps.
  2. Release the latches on both sides of the bed. This will allow the front part of the cabinet to be guided down but wait! There is another step in between guiding the cabinet bed down.
  3. There is an extension underneath the bed. Make sure you pull this out as far as it goes.
  4. Now you are ready to guide the front part of the cabinet down! Once you have it down, flip the 2nd part of the cabinet over. Now you have the base of your bed ready to go!
  5. Lay out the mattress. This step is easy and will only take you a matter of seconds.
  6. Slide the drawer back into place. Just like that, you have a fully functional, super comfy bed.OPEN & CLOSED DIMENSIONS

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