Warranty Information

Effective date: Aug, 1st, 2021
Updated: July 28th, 2023


Thank you for choosing Show Low Mattress & More for your bedding needs. We take pride in working with top-tier manufacturers to minimize the chances of warranty issues. In the unlikely event that you encounter any problems, we are here to guide you through the warranty process.

The warranty coverage for your mattress is provided by the specific manufacturer, and it may vary between different brands. We encourage you to carefully review the warranty card that comes with your mattress for detailed coverage information. Additionally, you can find a code on the law tag of your mattress, which should be referenced against the warranty card to determine the length of your warranty period.

To ensure your mattress’s warranty remains valid, please avoid the following:

  1. Blemishes, rips, tears, and burns on the mattress.
  2. Improper support for the mattress. For proper support requirements, please refer to the warranty card provided with your mattress upon delivery.

While the manufacturer’s warranty offers comprehensive coverage, there are certain exceptions. The warranty does NOT cover the following:

  1. Transportation and inspection costs.
  2. Bedding used in hotels, motels, or institutional facilities.
  3. Bedding sold “as is” or received as a promotional item.
  4. Bedding purchased from non-retail establishments or purchased as floor samples.
  5. Bedding height or comfort preference.
  6. Corner guards.
  7. Bent perimeter border rods due to moving or bending the sleep set for innerspring models.
  8. Replacement of another piece in a sleep set unless it is also defective.
  9. Damage to the mattress or foundation due to misuse or abuse.
  10. Mattress damage resulting from an inappropriate foundation or incorrect bed frame.
  11. Fabric stains, soiling, fluid penetration, tears, or burns.
  12. Adjustable foundations (except as noted in the owner’s manual).
  13. Mattress fabric (except as noted for all-foam mattresses).
  14. Zippered mattress cover damage due to improper care.
  15. Normal changes in softness and recovery time associated with memory foam and latex materials over time. This does not affect the pressure-relieving qualities of these materials.
  16. Body impressions in the mattress that measure less than 1½” for an innerspring mattress, less than ¾” for all smooth top (non-quilted) hybrid mattresses, and all foam model mattresses.
  17. Sagging in the mattress that measures less than 1½” for an innerspring mattress, less than ¾” for all smooth top (non-quilted) hybrid mattresses, and all foam model mattresses.

To ensure a smooth warranty claim process, we require photos of your frame and box springs. These images help us determine whether the product received adequate support, as improper support may result in mattress damage and potentially void the warranty. Please review the terms and conditions of the limited warranty to understand the required support needed for your mattress. If your mattress is damaged due to improper support, we are unable to provide warranty assistance..

In most cases, we will be able to locate your receipt in our records. However, it is the consumer’s responsibility to retain proof of purchase to ensure warranty coverage should we be unable to locate it for you.

To file a warranty claim for your mattress, please follow these steps:

  1. Remove the covers and all bedding: Be sure that all bedding (blankets, sheets, mattress protectors, etc.) have been removed prior to taking any pictures.
  2. Place a straight edge: Place a straight edge, such as a broom handle or yardstick over the affected area.
  3. Use a measuring device: Place a tape measure or ruler into the deepest area of the depression. DO NOT measure into the mattress’s stitching.
  4. Take one close-up photo: Take one close-up photo, showing the measurement clearly.
  5. Take one photo from a distance: Take one photo from a distance, including the measurement and as much of the surface of the mattress as best you can.
  6. Take a base photo: Take one photo of the foundation or base used to support your mattress. Remove the mattress from the box spring/base/foundation and take one photo showing as much of the surface as possible. IF there is a depression, please take a close-up photo showing the measurement.
  7. Take a law tag photo: Take one photo of the mattress law tag, ensuring the text on the tag can be read clearly in the image. The law tag is usually located at the head of the mattress either between the mattress and the wall, or between the mattress and box spring. The law tag will have a manufacture date along with the name of the manufacturer. The base unit/box spring will have a separate law tag.